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WARNING: All sample photographs are the original work of Kenneth Glasser Co using our inventory or merchandise that has passed through our hands. Any other web site that uses these photographs is hijacking copyrighted material and presenting it fraudulently. FACT: We have not granted permission or licensed any other web site or company to use these photographs in any form or media. Certain publications have been authorized in writing to use certain, selected photographs for a one-time use giving fully disclosed credit to DiamondRough.com, a division of Kenneth Glasser Co.

Sample #B1-01
Diamond bead necklace, 130.50cts, 115 beads, flawless to VS clarity, white and light yellow color, free form cut, clean laser drilled holes. Free form faceted

There is also a matching Diamond bead bracelet (not shown), 41cts, flawless to VS clarity, white and light yellow material, free form cut, clean laser drilled holes

Sample #B1-01
Same as previous photo

Sample #B1-02
Diamond bead bracelet, approx. 34cts, 23 beads, VS to SI clarity, light yellow to med. yellow material, free form cut, clean laser drilled holes

Sample #B1-03
approx. weight per bead - .79ct to .83ct, flawless to VS clarity, light yellow material, clean laser drilled holes

Sample #B1-04
Polished Diamond Beads, are available loose. This parcel is light cape yellow color, primarily flawless material, clean straight laser drilled holes. Average weight is .80 carats each bead. Free form faceted.

Sample #B1-Special Sample Example
This photo is of one bead weighing 1.13 ct from different angles. It is an example of Samples B1-01, B1-02, B1-03, and B1-04. It shows the polishing workmanship and the quality of the drilled hole as well as the quality of the diamond rough material.

Sample #B1-05
Half-Drilled, Polished Diamond Beads
55.37 ct. (total parcel weight)
(2.5mm grid)

Sample #B1-06
This Orangey Bead (12.89ct.) has a nice straight internal diameter hole which is both large and very versatile. It is the longest straight laser hole we, and our current laser technology contractor, have ever made. There is very real danger to Diamond Crystals when producing such long straight holes. This Drilled Polished Bead is a great achievement that we are very proud of.

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