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Diamond Math Book
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Profit$ = Applied Knowledge

The "Diamond Math" Book will make you MONEY and SAVE you MONEY. It enhances your ability to make more intelligent decisions in all your diamond dealings, as well as any works concerning sizing and weight estimation.

We have refined and enhanced the Diamond Math system of physically measuring polished diamonds to determine a stone's carat weight. Diamond Math is also used to evaluate the approximate polished weight outcome of Diamond Rough. The mathematical relationship between Gem Quality Rough and Polished Diamonds is a vital factor in determining the "True Intrinsic Market Value" of both Polished and Rough Diamonds.

Diamond Buyers... In today's competitive business climate, practical knowledge is not just power, it is survival. If you are a buyer of diamonds, or deal in second hand and estate jewelry, "The Diamond Math Book" is an essential tool for quickly and accurately calculating the carat weights and values of all Diamonds.

"DIAMOND MATH" The Book - Second Edition! - The ultimate travel (5.75" X 3.25" or 14.6 cm X 8.25 cm, weight = 415 grams) reference guide (530+ pages) to the specific gravity, weight, measurement and ratio of Diamonds, including detailed charts, formulas, diagrams and essential data for the Diamond Trade. Hardcover with slipcase. "The Diamond Math Book" is the encyclopedic reference to Diamond weight-ratios.

Also sold by The Gemological Institute of America and Rubin & Son in Belgium
Endorsed by the New York Diamond Dealers Club, Inc.

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