The United States of America represents an idea more than just a place. The founding fathers of the USA were, for the most part, G-D fearing individuals that believed in personal accountability and were willing to work hard for freedom and liberty in order to create an environment where they could manifest their dreams.

What made America great was a population that really was G-D fearing. They created a system of government that was by the people, and for the people. The fact that the landmass of the United States is truly good is not what made this country what it is. It is the idea of America and a population that truly believed in Higher ideals and the ability to manifest those ideals within a truly just system of government. A stable currency that says "In G-d We Trust" on all denominations basically says it all. For more information see the Seven G-D given Laws of Universal Humanity.

We recommend that you read the Declaration of Independence of the United States and George Washington's Thanksgiving Day address given in New York. For more information, please email us. G-D bless America and any other nation, organization, group and/or individual that respresents and promotes freedom, liberty and justice for all.

Timeless American Documents:
1. Declaration of Independence of the United States
2. Constitution of the United States
3. Washington's 1789 Thanksgiving Proclamation
4. Bill of Right of the United States

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