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All stones shown are 100% natural in every way. Kenneth Glasser Co. is a natural diamond company. We do not treat or artificially enhance diamonds in any way or form, nor do we deal or broker altered diamonds. For specific and general prices, please order the Polished Diamond Collection Catalog

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Polished Diamond of the Day

Polished Page #
Triads (most of page under constrution)
P - 1
Round Fancy Color Diamonds
P - 2
Fancy Color Diamonds in Standard Fancy Cuts
P - 3
Fancy Color Diamonds, Ovals and a few other Standard Fancy Cuts
P - 4
Fancy Color Diamonds, Marquise and Pear Shapes
P - 5
Fancy Color Diamonds, Pear Shapes
P - 6
Exotic Cuts - Rare and Unique Diamonds
P - 7
Exotic Cuts - Rare and Unique Diamonds
P - 8
Exotic Cuts - Six and Five-point Star Cut & Heart Shape Diamonds
P - 9

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Please note - Round and standard fancy cut fine white diamonds (as well as light yellow & light brown tones), certified or not, are generic-looking items. Therefore, we haven't put many photos of them in the Polished Diamond Gallery. On fine white certified diamonds, we will try to beat any legitimate price quote in the world.

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