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We have purposely left off the weight and measurements on most of these stones because they are in the highest range of  quality and therefore they are generic in the sense that a 2.00 carat stone will look the same as a 10.00 carat stone of the same quality. We can supply the diamond rough on this page in all size ranges.

WARNING: All sample photographs are the original work of Kenneth Glasser Co using our inventory or merchandise that has passed through our hands. Any other web site that uses these photographs is hijacking copyrighted material and presenting it fraudulently. FACT: We have not granted permission or licensed any other web site or company to use these photographs in any form or media. Certain publications have been authorized in writing to use certain, selected photographs for a one-time use giving fully disclosed credit to, a division of Kenneth Glasser Co.

Sample #R8-01
Mid range size - Crystals, all pink and purple.
All are cuttable imperfect.

Sample #R8-02
Yellow clean crystals (Dodecahedrons and Octahedrons).
Excellent for fine industrial die stones or fancy yellow cuttables.

Sample #R8-03
Fine cuttables with very good clarity and high white color. One flesh toned brown stone and the flat glass-like diamond is excellent for certain specific applications.
The Stone resembling a piece of glass (bottom-middle) weighs 1.13ct. It is an extremely flat Dodecahedron. One edge is cleaved.
(Top-Middle Stone - SOLD)
(Bottom-Middle Stone - SOLD)

Sample #R8-04
Fine white clean cuttable stones. (D-E-F collection colors). Octahedrons and one elongated shape and one dodecahedron.

Sample #R8-05
Fine white clean cuttable stones. (D-E-F collection colors). Octahedrons and elongated octahedrons.

Sample #R8-06
Fine white clean cuttable octahedrons with consistent size and shape. (D-E-F collection colors).

Sample #R8-11
Fancy and intense fancy colors in various crystal shapes with a wide range of variety of clarity.

Sample #R8-12
Excellent quality octahedral crystal, high color and clarity. This particular crystal happens to be .95ct. Because of it's perfection in natural symmetry, there is a generic look to the stone. Other sizes are available, both smaller and larger. Such perfect single crystals bring a much higher price than slightly damaged or distorted stones, with a similar weight, clarity and color.

Sample #R8b-06
Macle crystals with Excellent Symmetry
Measurements are point-to-point (3 measurements) and thickness
A) 11.45 ct. - Side 1 = 14.9, Side 2 = 14.5, Side 3 = 14.4, Thickness = 5.3mm.
B) 2.01 ct.

The "Diamond Math" Book - 2nd Edition
The ultimate pocket (5.75" X 3.25" or 14.6 cm X 8.25 cm) reference guide (530+ pages) to the specific gravity, weight, measurement and ratio of Diamonds, including detailed charts, formulas, diagrams and essential data for the Diamond Trade.

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