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We have provided hundreds of photographs of available diamond rough in virtually every classification of shape, clarity, color and natural occurrence combinations. This should help to provide insight as to your requirements. If you have any questions please simply phone us at 702-880-9044.

We have purposely not listed any wholesale prices on Diamond Rough for these reasons: variations in size, color, and qualities, as well as parcel mixes; parcel quantities; ultimate buyers of any particular parcel or stone generally prefer price confidentiality; and fluctuations in price. Price quotes are available via a telephone call - not by email unless you are an established customer. For specific and general prices, please order the Diamond Rough Report & Collection Catalog.

WARNING: All sample photographs are the original work of Kenneth Glasser Co using our inventory or merchandise that has passed through our hands. Any other web site that uses these photographs is hijacking copyrighted material and presenting it fraudulently. FACT: We have not granted permission or licensed any other web site or company to use these photographs in any form or media. Certain publications have been authorized in writing to use certain, selected photographs for a one-time use giving fully disclosed credit to DiamondRough.com, a division of Kenneth Glasser Co.

Rough Diamond of the Day

Rough Page #
Boart, full spectrum of sizes and qualities R - 1
Small sizes: Boarts, high quality industrials and very small cuttables R - 1a
Small sizes: Boarts, high quality industrials and very small cuttables - continuation R - 1b
Large boart: high to lower quality in all its various configurations and colors R - 2
Canadian Diamond Rough, single stones and parcels. R - 2a
Cubes (small sizes), intense color specimens R - 3
Cubes, full spectrum of sizes and qualities R - 3a
Cubes R - 3b
Pairs (Matching Sets) for Industrial tool replacement and jewelry manufacturers R - 3c
Large Boarts & Coaters, Cubes, Octahedral Crystals, Cuttable/Industrial Imperfect Fancy Color Range Parcels R - 4
Large Boarts, Coaters, Free Forms and related rough R - 4a
Large Boarts, Coaters, Free Forms and related rough R - 4b
Large - Octo crystals, speculative cuttables R - 5
Commercial, lower grade, & speculative cuttables - industrials overlap R - 5a
High quality cuttables, die and tool stones R - 6
Parcels/Mine Run, industrial/cuttable medium size range, small industrial diamond crystals, large industrial die quality (flawless) crystals R - 6a
Variety of cuttables and high quality industrials, macles, octahedrons and dodecahedrons as well as some coated stones R - 7
Variety of cuttables, macles, octahedrons, dodecahedron distorted crystal shapes and free forms. R - 7a
Variety of high quality, fancy color, "textbook shaped", cuttable specimens. R - 7b
Variety of high quality, cuttable octahedrons, modified octahedrons. R - 7c
Variety of high quality, cuttable and specimen macles. R - 7d
Fine white cuttables and fancy colors R - 8
Fine Macles and other cuttables R - 9
Unusual rough R - 10
Colorado, USA (mined origin) Diamond Rough Parcels, very rare R - 10a

We really encourage you to call us. The diamond rough shown in the photo galleries are only a fraction of what we can supply you with.

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